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Renting and Selling Storing containers and prefabricated modular office

Renting and Selling Storing containers and prefabricated modular office

We have a vast range of new and used storage containers with corrugated steel walls, marine plywood floor on steel cross members, double-leaf doors with galvanized locking bars suitable to be moved by crane or forklift.

Our housing office blocks are built with a sturdy steel frame, which can be handled by forklift or crane without any distortion problem on the structure, and are insulated are insulated with high thickness interchangeable panels to guarantee an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The windows are pvc tilt and turn, with double glazing and shutters room built into the frame. The internal wiring is concealed in the panels and are equipped with electric convector, on request with air conditioning. The connection to the external power supply is recessed into the roof frame and it happens a median CEE plug 380v. With our modular systems "flexible" solutions can be implemented space customized according to customer requirements, such as schools, kindergartens, canteens, bars, kiosks, sports facilities and office spaces with the desired width.

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